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     I have been a chiropractor for almost 15 years. Over this period of time I began noticing a pattern in those I worked with — that their body signals (aches and pains) always correlated with their mental and emotional state of being. This was coupled with the lens of their perception. Whenever I would bring a different perspective and awareness to the person, and they were able to both acknowledge, and link their life experiences with their current life style and choices, healing would occur. Immediately, they would find physical, mental, or emotional ease, and align deeper with their spirit and their purpose.

     I have developed a body of knowledge that has emerged from working with thousands of people, leading me to develop a unique skill and ability which I believe can take people to their next level of empowerment. As an adjunct to my chiropractic work, I call what I do “Life Facilitation,” in that I assist you in achieving what you want for your life based on what I know to be true – that you have all the answers you are seeking, but may not have immediate access to them.


     As a Life Facilitator, I listen to you. By doing so, I help you to gain access to what you need to know. I am able to objectively synthesize and distill information about your past and present and help you to connect the dots and form a new picture of your life. I assist you in understanding how to be more true to yourself. This is how I empower you.
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Further information on my Chiropractic Services:

logo-acMost chiropractors treat and prevent health problems by manually manipulating the spinal column to help relieve stored tension in the spine. I adjust spines differently. I use a gentle, yet highly effective and unique technique to help those who are under care with me develop their own powerful self-healing capabilities. In my office, my goal is to help each person understand how they can take greater ownership for their health, and their lives, so they can ultimately live life fully by integrating mind, body and spirit.

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